Day 2: Cigarette Pants

Day 2: Cigarette Pants

Smokin’ Hot

I cannot say it enough: the looks of the 50’s and ’60’s are the ultimate for ladylike attire. I always aspire to be more of a lady. Frequently, I admonish my mother for not saving any of her clothes from her younger years. Not that I would be able to wear them, but I love the authenticity of her handsewn a-line shifts in Pucci-like prints.
Currently, I am on the search for some cool cigarette pants to wear with soft gamine mohair sweaters so I can pretend that I am Rizzo from Grease. I found a couple of  options:
The Love Moschino is a classic black pant with front pockets and faux back pockets. Back pockets are so necessary on a cigarette pant because of the flat straight fit. You do not want to flatten all of your curves. As Moschino describes, ” [cigarette pants are ] a heavenly habit you can’t extinguish!’ I agree. The Love Moschino Cigarette Pants are now $260.00 at
BDG has both twill and corduroy cigarette pants. The  BDG Twill Grazer Cigarette Pant  comes in a mustard color suitable for the last days of fall. It contains both cotton and spandex, providing a little give in the hips, where you may need it most. The BDG Twill Grazer has both front and back pockets and  a medium rise. I cannot say how grateful I am for the medium rise pant.  I cannot go into the 30s with low rise pants. I could barely do it with  20-something hips.
BDG Corduroy Ankle Cigarette Pant  comes in a playful maroon color.  Like the BDG Twill Grazer, the Corduroy Ankle Cigarette Pant has both front and back pockets, a medium rise, and a percentage of spandex. What I love about both of these pairs are the amount of wear you can get by pairing the pants with funky heels in early fall, flats in early spring, and boots in winter. Despite its length, the cigarette pant is a very versatile. Originally, $49.00, the BDG cigarette pants are on sale now for  $ 29.00 at Urban Outfitters.
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