Day 4: Elbow Length Gloves

Day 4: Elbow Length Gloves

I have been on a quest (I am always on some quest or another when it comes to clothing) to find some elbow length gloves, preferably in color. I am thinking lavender leather. Elbow length gloves are likely to be another huge hit with the ’50’s retro look on the runways. I am just dying to wear a colored pair of elbow length gloves with my quarter-length sleeved Elevneses jacket. Though I have been on the hunt for a leather pair, I ran across a couple of wool blend elbow length gloves that are just as fun and probably twice as comfortable as leather ones.
The Ralph Lauren Polo cable knit elbow length gloves are a blend of alpaca, wool and cashmere. They come in blue, purple and heather gray and may be purchased for $ 75.00 from Ralph
Also I ran across the Michael Kors elbow length studded gloves. This is probably a great glove in that it is both warm and a bit dressy. The studs add character to what could otherwise be a casual glove. The Michael Kors gloves may be purchased from Bluefly for $35.00.
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