Day 7: Rose Gold Watches

Day 7: Rose Gold Watches

Watch Me Work It

Last season, the trend in menswear inspired clothing was the gold bold faced link watch. This season, Michael Kors offers the same trend in a rose gold. Hello? Did you hear me?  I said rose gold.  When was the last time you wore it?   I had not either until until last year. So why do I want it?  Because so few wear it. The feminine color tames the menswear trend with it’s pinkish tone and makes this menswear inspired watch ever so unique.  You can purchase the Michael Kors Runway Watch in rose gold from Nordstrom for $ 250.00

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  1. Informative read describing the features Rose Gold Watches. It is a beautiful watch with amazing features.

  2. This is really interesting take on the concept. Golden watches are the symbol of luxury and wealth. These are come in various models and have become a way for a man to express their individuality and sense of style. Thanks a lot.

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