DiorShow: My Review

DiorShow: My Review

Hello Divas!

Okay okay! We have all heard about the fabulousness of Christian Dior’s DiorShow Mascara. Now if you have been reading this blog, you know that my absolute fav high end Mascara is Lancome’s Defencils. What can I say, it is the best! Read my review of Defencil’s here.. However, I am always on the hunt for perfectly long and lush lashes. The first time I tried DiorShow, I was not impressed. I expected the faux lash look, but I had nothing. So I was wondering what was all the hype about?? So one day I am in Sephora and I am browsing Mascaras and there is DiorShow once again. I thought to myself, just try it one more time. Well Divas, DiorShow SHOWED me why it is a cult fav! I applied it myself and in an instant my lashes went from nice and cute to Hollywood Siren Sexy! The only thing I could say was WOW! I really think that the salesperson who applied DiorShow to my lashes the first time, did not have a good technique. Not that I think my technique is flawless, but I am pretty good at applying Mascara. The brush is very very big and usually I am not a fan of big brushes but the formula and brush just work perfectly together. I am in love! DiorShow retails for $24 and you can purchase it here or at any Sephora.


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  1. I’m so glad you discovered the power of Diorshow! It really is amazing. I was a huge fan of Definicils too, but now Diorshow is my all-time fave! 🙂

  2. To Beautychick101:

    Yes, I was holding out and now I am trying to figure out wow. Great product! Thanks for reading!

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