Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Micheal Roizen Launch YouBeauty.com

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Micheal Roizen Launch YouBeauty.com

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Last week two leading and well-respected health and wellness experts launched a new beauty venture, www.YouBeauty.com.  Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Micheal Rozien developed YouBeauty.com which uses science to measure and improve inner and outer beauty.  Wowza!

Per YouBeauty.com, here is how the site works:  At YouBeauty, you’ll find a series of quizzes based on proven research that examine all the factors that affect your beauty. The website features quizzes that measure personal dimensions like happiness, stress, sleep quality, physical activity levels, skin and hair health, along with tools that find your face shape, facial symmetry and body shape, among others. Your score on each quiz will be compiled to measure your YouQ™. Through an ongoing series of personalized action steps based on your quiz results, you’ll be encouraged to improve your YouQ™ to reach your full beauty potential, while learning about yourself in new and important ways.
On YouBeauty.com you can explore the YouLearn section and get the latest information on health and beauty news and features stories.  Also the site has an online community called YouTalk where you can chat about hot and relevant topics with women around the world.  More importantly users can tap into the expert advice from Dr. Oz, Dr. Rozizen, and other notable skin care and health experts.  

YouBeauty.com sounds like it will be a very cool site to ensure we are taking care of ourselves from the inside out so our true beauty can truly shine.  Check it out and tell me what you think!



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