Enchanting Eyes Belt!

Enchanting Eyes Belt!

Remember that boyfriend with the pretty hazel eyes? Remember how quickly he caught your eye?  The Enchanting Eyes Beldoes just that, catches your eye, but without any chance of heartbreak.  The Enchanting Eyes Belt is a statement piece that could be worn with minimalistic prints but would look so much better against a solid black dress or jumpsuit. Flirty white dresses are a trend for the upcoming Summer, and setting some bling like the Enchanting Eyes Belt against an all white tunic or dress will certainly break up the monotony of the outfit. I had my eye on the belt for quite some time, and I watched it sell out before it had the chance to go on sale. I will not make the same mistake twice. Get it while it’s hot!

The Enchanting Eyes Belt retails for $54 and you can purchase it at Anthropologie.

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