Errand Chic

Errand Chic

Hello Divas!

I hope your life is just fab! A girlfriend of mine, who is a fab person, mom, educator and woman extraordinaire, had the following question:

When I go out to run errands, usually I wear sweats and sneakers. What can I do to enhance this outfit so that I don’t feel so frumpy?

1. My first suggestion is to accesorize, accesorize, accesorize. A great handbag and funky earrings or bracelets can dress up any outfit. I always notice a great bag regardless of what a woman may have on. If I am wearing sneakers and sweats, I always wear my fab dangling gold earrings. I instantly feel cute and my outfit looks different.

2. Wear a cute graphic or form fitting tee with jeans or sweats. Instead of wearing the standard large tee that hangs off of your body, with jeans or sweats, wear a cute tee. Target has tons of cool graphic tees and Mossimo form fitting tees that range in price from $6.99 to $9.99. What a great deal! I have the cutest Sesame Street soft tee I purchased at Target for $7 that I wear with jeans when running errands. This tee with sweats, my gold earrings, and staple bag are instant mood boosters!

3. Wear cute shoes. When wearing sweats, I prefer to wear sneakers or Uggs. However, I have seen women wearing flip flops with sweats (with manicured toes of course) and I thought it was cute. But if you have on jeans, I suggest wearing flip flops, (summer or spring) or cute flats (fall or winter). Target has the cutest designer flats in black, gold, silver, and other colors for only $14.99. Check it out here at

3. Wear some make-up. Of course I LOOOVE make-up! When I leave the house I at least wear lip gloss. Sometimes when running a quick errand, we don’t think make-up is necessary. However, a little lip gloss and maybe a touch of bronzer or blush and you will instantly have a glow. People will wonder about your radiant look and you will feel truly fabulous!

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