Essie Nail Color Winter Collection: Fierce!

Essie Nail Color Winter Collection: Fierce!

Hello Divas!

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I just want to lay in bed all day, but then I think about the Nike commercial and I tell myself, Just Do It!

Day 20 is all about nail color.  I love nail color and these Essie Collections are fierce!

If you are anything like me, a box of Crayola containing 24 crayons was simply not enough. You had to have the box with 96, or 112 or whatever the max number of crayons were for that school year. You probably even justified the purchase as “educational ” (one of my choice terms.)  I would ask my Mother, “Why, would you not want me to know all of the colors that exist.”  God forbid you should find out about Pantone paint chips, but really why shouldn’t you know all the colors? Obviously, I am a somewhat sensual creature who lives in color.  It is one of the greatest gifts of self expression. I can not imagine how I went so long with nude toes.

This season, I am excited about Essie’s Fall and Winter nail polishes.  I could not make up my mind on one color because they all excited me. If you are afraid of commitment like me, you can grab a mini four-pack of Essie from Ulta for $17.00 (and don’t forget your five dollar off coupon from In Style magazine.) The four-pack contains four luxurious colors that center around what else- shopping!  The Fall Four contains:

Sew Psyched, a sumptuous green that is not too bright and not too dull;  
Merino Cool
Little Brown Dress
and  Limited Addiction, a fun red for the Christmas season. 
Essie also offers a six-pack that contains two additional colors:  
In Stitches and, 
Velvet Voyeur
How cute! The names alone make you want to wear them.
I have not yet purchased the Winter Four pack as the Winter colors have just recently become available. The Winter palette contains a similar, yet bolder, palette than the Fall colors: 
Smokin’ Hot 
Hot Coco 
Masquerade Belle
Going Incognito a green slightly warmer than Sew Psyched; 
and  a a coral red, Silken Cord
I am especially excited about the Greiges- the combination of gray and beige, with glints of lavender. The varying shades of greige that have made their way on the runways have made gray such a popular neutral, that it is an acceptable nail color that can find its way in the workplace without reproach.
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