Fall Must Haves: Booties, Oxfords, and Mary Janes

Fall Must Haves: Booties, Oxfords, and Mary Janes

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I hope your day is awesome! Today we have a guest writer, Chamele. Chamele is a shoe fanatic and has the most fabulous shoes! Below she is going to tell us why we must have a pair of Booties, Oxfords, or Mary Janes! Check it out.

I am excited about this year’s trends in shoes because they are the epitome of high fashion! Designer’s have married classic style with a hint of edge and yet still a touch of feminism. Further, the trends all resemble- “big-girl shoes.” Let me explain what I mean by “big-girl shoes.” “Big-girl shoes” are the shoes you see walk in a room before you have a chance to identify their owners. Big-girl shoes announce themselves and say, “Hey, I am the raw deal, and the chick standing here is nothing to mess with.” Well, this year’s trends say all of that and then some.

The Bootie

Okay, I must admit, I was a little skeptical about the bootie trend last fall; however, I found the chicest pair of Steve Madden black booties with a folded cuff. This year, I have been won-over and I am super psyched about the bootie trend. Designers have varied the shoe, appealing to women with a wide array of tastes. I have spied at least half a dozen pair for which I am jonesin’.

The Oxford

“Men inspired” shoe wear is another burgeoning trend. The oxford styles are classy, sassy, and oh-so-very C.C (that’s me). I love, love, love classic footwear and have since the tender age of 3. Every year, my mother purchased, at my request, a pair of black and white saddle oxfords. My style matured and by ninth-grade I was sporting a very classy pair of black patent leather oxfords with a square toe, enhanced with a tassel. I received compliments on those shoes for four or five years; and so, I speak from experience when I say,” The oxford will be long-lived!”

The Maryjane

I love the style of the Roaring 20’s and early 30’s as much as I loved my saddle oxfords. It should come as no surprise then that there are at least four pair of Maryjanes in my closet. A good pair of Maryjanes can be worn with a flirty dress, or soften up an edgy suit. The Maryjane says, “Ultimate Femme Fatale.”

If there are three types of shoes that you must have this fall, they are the Oxford, the Maryjane, and the Bootie; and if you can only get one shoe, get an oxford style bootie. It is versatile and can be worn with anything!

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4 Responses to “Fall Must Haves: Booties, Oxfords, and Mary Janes”

  1. Ohmiiigoodness, I am such a Mary Janes girl. Those last ones were just for me. AND I love love love booties. They are slowly growing on me.

  2. Oh!
    That Mary Jane!
    I love the look of that shoe. If only I could wear heels! (I’m “Gravity Challenged” when it come to heels!)

  3. To B and Ann:

    It is the Enzo Ginny Shoe. You can purchase it here for $99.00: http://tinyurl.com/5ws7ru


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