Fashion Week: Spring 09 Makeup Trends

Hello Divas!

I hope your Monday is fabulous! As you know Fashion Week officially kicked off this weekend and I have been following my fellow beauty bloggers on Twitter and Inside The Tents to get the inside scoop! Of course, makeup is a hot topic and here are a few trends for Spring 09 that I just love!

1. Totally nude makeup. Erin of Scandalous Beauty reported that the not made-up look is hot for 09. The models in the BCBG Spring 09 show rocked this look. Thanks Erin!

2. Black eyes and pale lips. Elke of The Model Eyebrow reports that black eyes and pales lips with no blush is a makeup trend for Spring 09. I would modify this with a gray smokey eye and nude lip.

3. Pretty Peach. Apparently, peach eyes, lips, and cheeks are in for Spring 09. Mischo of Mischo Beauty reports that peach makeup was the theme at the Tracey Reese show. I LOVE peach. It just works on my skintone. But I think peach looks good on everybody. It is warm, fresh, and feminine. Visit for pics!


Photo Courtesy of New York Magazine

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3 Responses to “Fashion Week: Spring 09 Makeup Trends”

  1. Hey L,

    I love this rundown that you did of the makeup looks! Very helpful when some are super-busy, like me! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  2. To miss anjela:

    You are most welcome lady!

  3. I love doing my lips up in peachy and pale pinky tones. Alot of women of color tend to shy away from these colors but they really do look amazing with our skin tones.

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