Follow-up to Tricks of the Trade!

Follow-up to Tricks of the Trade!

Hi Divas!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! My dear best friend Cindy J. shared one of her tricks of the trade. She stated

“What about the eyebrow? Ladies invest in an angle eyebrow brush (average price $7-$10) plus eyebrow shading powders (average price $9-$10) of chocolate, brown/black or chestnut for a defining look.” Enjoy ! Cindy in LA

Thanks Cindy, hugs and kisses. Great tip!

I also wanted to mention how to highlight the under eye area. As we get older, many of us develop dark circles or wrinkles underneath the eye area. Also on some days some of us have bags underneath our eyes or have puffy eyes. Cucumbers can get rid of puffiness underneath the eyes, but for dark circles and bags a good concealer can do the trick.

However, I have learned over the years you can also use a lighter shade of eyeshadow to hide darkness or wrinkles. I usually use a matte off white or champagne color to highlight the undereye area. Sephora has great matte eyeshadows in their Sephora Collection that are great for highlighting. They retail for $10.00.

But the absolute best tip is to use a lighter shade of powder foundation underneath the eye to lighten the area. I learned this trick from my make-up artist Kisha. She is a Mac make-up artist at Macy’s Cumberland Mall. The results are just fabulous. I recommend purchasing an expensive foundation for this purpose. Black Opal has fabulous make-up for women of color for the low price of $8.65. Well known make-up artists use this product regualarly on African-American skin.

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