Freehand Tartan Belt at Anthropologie

Freehand Tartan Belt at Anthropologie
This belt is so right for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s plaid. Despite what people may say, plaid never goes out of style. It may sneak in hipster trends with big and bold flashes, but classic tartan absolutely never goes out of style. Take Burberry for example, have you ever heard anyone say that Burberry scarves are out of style? No, and neither have I.
The Freehand Tartan Belt is more than just plaid. It is a funky and sexy way to cinch your waist. Not too trendy because the muted tones are perfect for a number of outfits and for the promising spring weather. If it so happens to find its way in to my closet, you’d better believe it will stay there for some time amongst some crisp white blouses, khaki ankle pants and white linen shirtdresses. The Freehand Tartan Belt can be purchased from Anthropologie for $58.00.
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  1. Where I can find a gorgeous patent leather cinch belt/normal belt, desperately. I live in england as well tho, an if ne1 knows new cheap places that’d be even better.

  2. @Womens Watches Hello! Thank you so much for this comment. Chamele, our new Style Editor, is actually responding to your request via a post later today. Look out for it! XOXO!!

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