Frownies Update!

Frownies Update!

Hello Divas!

I hope your hump day is full of love!

As promised, I am updating you lovely divas on my Frownies progress. Are they diminishing those 3 pesky wrinkles in the middle of my forehead? Frownies claim to vanish wrinkles within 3 weeks with continuous nightly use. I have been wearing the Frownies for one week (okay I did miss one night!) and here are the results.

Before using Frownies

After 1 week of use

What do you think? I think the wrinkles are definitely less pronounced. I also notice that everytime I wake up in the morning, the wrinkles are significantly diminished. So far so good.

Check back in next week for my week 2 update!


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  1. I just started using Frownies and I do see a difference, but I wonder if you pull the skin taut to apply are you stretching the skin and creating more sagging skin, if you stop using them? By the way you can see a difference in your before and after photos.

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