Fun Friday! New Lancome Spring Collection and Saks 70% off Cashmere Sale

Fun Friday! New Lancome Spring Collection and Saks 70% off Cashmere Sale

Hello Divas!

I hope you are loving life and having an awesome day! It is freezing! Thanks goodness for hot tea!

My favorite luxe beauty brand Lancome, will debut their Spring Collection later this month and I love it! It is called Pink Irreverence. The collection includes varying shades of pink and a very intense black. My favorites in this collection are:

Piha Black, A sheer black lig gloss and nail color

Sassiness, a neutral pink nail polish

Irreverent Madame, a MUST HAVE eyeshadow Palette. I am such a sucker for pink and purple eyeshadows. They look great one me!

This collection is a limited-edition, so Divas look out for the launch. I can’t wait to get my hands on that Palette!

Also RUN to Off Fith Saks Avenue this weekend. They are having a 70% off sale on ALL Cashmere. A Cashmere cardigan is one of my MUST-HAVE staple items, so you know I will be there. Check out the sale here.



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5 Responses to “Fun Friday! New Lancome Spring Collection and Saks 70% off Cashmere Sale”

  1. love that eyeshadow palette!

  2. To Ren Ren: Me too girl!

  3. Hello
    How does the black lip gloss look when applied?

  4. I can’t WAIT to get that black lipgloss! I went looking at every store in my area and it’s all sold out. So I’m ordering it online. There’s not too many things that I “must-have” but I have got to get my mitts on this!

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