Fun Friday: Purple Eyeshadow Rocks!

Fun Friday: Purple Eyeshadow Rocks!

Hello Divas!

I hope this day is fantastic! Since, I did not do a post yesterday, (can I just say hectic!) today you get two posts. I have been wearing purple eyeshadow for a few days now, and I have received the most compliments on this look than any other look I have rocked. Seriously. And ladies, I must admit the purple eyeshadow idea came from no other than Scandalous Beauty. This beauty website features great beauty tips and video tutorials on how to apply make up. Erin is a professional make up artist and I just love her recommendations on using the proper brushes. Just fabulous! Well, I viewed her tutorial on how to apply purple eyeshadow and I did the steps verbatim and now I am a hot rocking mama! Check it out here. The purple eyeshadow I have been rocking is Charismaby Loreal Hip. It is a two shadow duo and I have been using the dark purple color. It retails for $6.99 and you can purchase it at CVS or online here. Try this look Divas! I know you will love it too!


Luxe Tips


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  1. Hi Luxe Tips I just ot my skin Iceland set! Thank you so much it looks awesome! Ooo this purple eyeshadow looks awesome too I’m gonna have to go try it out!

  2. Hi Lydia:

    I do hope you enjoy your kit. Please let me know how it works out for you. Definitely try purple, you will love it!

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