Fun Fridays!: Barack Obama is Haute Couture

Fun Fridays!: Barack Obama is Haute Couture

Hello Divas!

I hope your Friday is awesome! Today is just gorgeous here in Atlanta. I love the transition to fall! Well last night was the opening night for Hautelanta Fashion Week. Here are a few tidbits:

1. Apparently Barack Obama is Haute Couture. I am so in love with this gorgeous Graffiti Art Barack Obama inspired gown. This gown is designed by Vivian Compton of Naoma Nerette. HOT!

2. The Travel Channel was there. Samantha Brown host of Passport to Great Weekends was filming a segment on Hautelanta Fashion Week for her show! I truly wanted to be a groupie and run up to her and hug her, but I reminded myself that I am here to work! Check her out on the red carpet. So cute!

3. Check out this photo of me before fashion week. I chose a natural look with a smokey purple eye. What do you think? Tonight I am going for a more dramatic look for the Ed Hardy Show! I really had to wing it getting dressed. The kids were not having it!

Stay tuned beautiful people for more posts on Hautelanta Fashion Week. Also remember to follow me on Twitter for real time inside info!



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5 Responses to “Fun Fridays!: Barack Obama is Haute Couture”

  1. You Go Latoicha! I love getting your tweets on Hautelanta and you look good girl!

  2. You know what? I actually really like it!! I love the incorporation of beauty/fashion with politics. It’s just great. Keep the updates comin’. And you look gorgeous!!

  3. I would seriously wear that dress in my support of Barack Obama! And I love your entire look, especially the eyeshadow and the necklace! 🙂

  4. represent a-town, he he…you look great, can’t wait for more updates!

  5. To Renee: Thanks girl

    To B: Thanks for the compliment!

    To Miss Anela: Thanks Anjie!

    To Ren Ren: Thanks girl! It was so much fun!

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