Fun Fridays: Cool Sale and other stuff

Fun Fridays: Cool Sale and other stuff

Hello Divas!

I hope your Friday is awesome! Well it is very cold, rainy and dark in Atlanta. I think I am going to take the day off and sit on the couch with luxe baby and a blanket! But you know I had to tell you ladies about a super awesome sale. Le Creatif Designs, an interior design and furniture showroom, is having a 50% off sale on all candles! I repeat a 50% off sale on all candles! Why am I so excited? Because my hubby purchased a Danya Decker candle for me last year from Le Creatif Designs. I loooove candles and Danya Decker candles come in a gorgeous container, the scent is very intense and lovely, and they last for a year. No kidding! These are the best candles. They usually retail for $40.00 but they are now $20.00! I am so going to stock up! Le Creatif Designs has an awesome showroom and they sale tons of cool furniture and accessories. The sale is going on now and ends on Halloween, October 31st. Le Creatif Designs is located at 480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave in Atlanta, GA. You can also visit them online here at

Also Christian Louboutin, the flesh and blood man, will be at Jeffrey’s at Phipps Plaza from 1pm-4pm for a meet and greet. I know it is raining all day in Atlanta, but I might have to brave the rain to go and meet him! Ooh La La!



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2 Responses to “Fun Fridays: Cool Sale and other stuff”

  1. omg this weather is awful isn’t it? i can’t believe mr. louboutin will be at phipps? too bad i’m working!

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