Fun Fridays! Do you use Organic Skincare Products?

Hello Divas!

Are you ready for the three day weekend?  The only thing I will do is rest and I am so ready!

Organic skin care products are really popular right now.  My girl, Kitiya of Mischo Beauty, loves Juice Beauty, an organic skin care line found at Whole Foods.  I was discussing the products via Twitter with a Twitter friend and she was raving about the products! She said they were really making a difference in skin.

Well of course this proclamation caused me to start researching the benefits of using certified organic skin care products.  I buy some organic foods for my kids, but I never thought about using organic products for my skin.  Well some of the benefits are:

1. Most organic skin care products contain essential plant oils that contain natural active ingredients that nourish the skin.  Some plant oils are Argan, Avocado, Hemp, Jojoba, etc.

2. The products are paraben, aluminum, silicon, synthetic fragrances or colourants free.

3. The products are biodegradable and involves no polluting transformation processes and no tests on animals.

So when using Organic beauty products you are being good to your skin and the environment. Nice!

Also, a lot of the organic beauty skin care lines feature floral waters.  Floral Waters are a combination of water and distilled fresh or dried plants.  I love floral waters.  They are to be used after you cleanse your face and they give your skin hydration, healing properties, and provide instant soothing.  But what I really love about floral waters is that they just smell good!

So do any of you Divas use organic skin care products?  If so, what is your favorite brand?  I need some recommendations.


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.


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  1. I use skincare organics, and it was the best.

  2. @airbrushmakeup Thanks for leaving a comment. I am going to test out a few organic lines, I can’t wait.

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