Fun Fridays: Features

Hello Divas!

I hope your Friday is awesome! I must admit, I am not sad to see the end of this week! But some cool things did happen this week. On Monday, I was featured on Funkidivagirl’s website as a 4 Real Housewife. In light of the interesting and highly debated Real Housewives of Atlanta, Funkidivagirl is featuring real women who are wives, mothers, business owners, and divas who make their families their priority….. 4 Real Housewives! Love it. So check it out here and tell me what you think.

Also I wrote a beauty article for a new up and coming urban magazine based in Atlanta. The League Magazine is a virtual magazine that is similar to the now defunct Honey and Vibe Vixen Magazines. The Article is on page 27 and is entitled “Recession Proof Your Beauty Routine.” Check it out here. Keri Hilson is on the cover and there is a fantastic interview in the magazine with Ms. Hilson.

Have a great weekend!


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4 Responses to “Fun Fridays: Features”

  1. congratulations hon! doing big things…you’re definitely giving nene and sheree a run for their money 😉 fyi, if your magazine needs a makeup artist, please let me know!

  2. Very kewl!! Your beauty article was great and I loooved all the outfits in the Style Guide!!

  3. Great article in the magazine. I love that. I wish more mags were on line. It would save trees and remove clutter from my home!

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