Fun Fridays! Interview with Atlanta Luxe Diva Rachel Tran Owner of Purple Rain

Fun Fridays! Interview with Atlanta Luxe Diva Rachel Tran Owner of Purple Rain
Hello Divas!

Are you looking forward to a little R&R this weekend?  I know I am.  We all need to take time to rest and rejuvenate ourselves!

Atlanta is a city with a lot of Luxe Divas.  But the baddest Divas are the ones who are stylish, gorgeous, and Boss, i.e., business savvy and running things.  Holla!  Rachel Tran is such a Diva.  She is the owner of the fabulous new Atlanta restaurant Purple Rain.  Rachel has effectively marketed Purple Rain to an upscale clientele and it is becoming the “hot” venue for good food, drinks, and dancing.  I have visited Purple Rain and I must say it is quite impressive.  
Luxetips had an opportunity to interview Rachel and get more info about her inspiration behind creating Purple Rain and her own Divalicious style.  Check it out!

Question 1: Do you consider yourself a foodie or a fashionista?

I’m a hybrid of both and a firm believer in the old adage that “we are what we eat.”  I care about what I eat because I care about how I look.  Being selective in one helps with the choices in the other.  Having a sense of style and taste will help us to look good and feel great!

Question 2: How do you describe your style? How do you describe your menu?

I would say that I have a very “dynamic and eclectic” style when it comes to my personal preference. This is also evident in our menu.  We don’t necessarily follow any traditional rules but instead offer a variety of “exotic” selections. Prepare your palette for international travels!

Question 3: What type of atmosphere is Purple Rain? 

To me, Purple Rain exudes sexiness and comfort.  But other words also come to mind.    While “casually chic” and “simply sophisticated” may be contradictory terms, they do appeal to many of our clientele.  Untraditional.

Question 4: What is your favorite food? What is your favorite fashion item to buy? I love and enjoy exotic food. Luckily, with a talented and creative chef in the restaurant, I have limitless opportunities to savor many of his creations. I am constantly tempted and surprised by what he has in stored for us. Like many of my fellow female friends, my favorite item to buy is shoes.  I could never have too many shoes, walking or not.

Question 5: Do you consider Purple Rain a fashionable restaurant where people get dressed up or very casual?
While we do have a dress code, it’s always best to dress appropriately for the occasion, whether business or “pleasure.”

Question 6: How is the restaurant interior decorated? Did you decorate it yourself?

Purple Rain’s interior is of contemporary design.  We worked closely with a very talented design team.  I am proud to have been part of the team and was instrumental in the design.

Question 7: It sounds like Purple is your favorite color? What is your favorite purple item of clothing or accessory that you own?

Yes, purple is definitely my favorite color which explains my favorite purple item is an amethyst necklace I received as a birthday present. It’s definitely my lucky charm and I wear it everyday.

Question 8I hear that you have a $1,000 dessert on the menu – what does that entail?

The “sweetest” part of this criollo chocolate soufflé, chocolate truffle, gold nugget streusel, is the dazzling, dangling amethyst necklace, appropriately named “Purple Rainmaker.”

Question 9: I know you have an extensive drink menu. Do you have any specialty cocktails that are a must try?

Our signature cocktails (made with muddled fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juice)! My personal favorite is the “Lavender Raindrop” martini which is made with organic vodka, muddled lemongrass and lavender.

Question 10: Where is Purple Rain located and do you have any special events coming up?

Purple Rain is located in Duluth, GA which is right off Pleasant Hill Road. (3550 Mall Blvd. Duluth GA). On Tuesdays, we have an extraordinary talented musician who is equally gifted on the piano and sings the top 40s. Come join us for great food, live performances and great drinks.

Thank you Rachel for this interview!  If you are in Atlanta or visiting Atlanta soon, Purple Rain is a must stop!



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    @Anonymous The photos are credited to Purple Rain restaurant. If you look closely at the pictures you will see that they are watermarked. If anyone else should be credited, please contact Purple Rain. Thanks for commenting!

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