Fun Fridays! MACs, Fun Events & More

Fun Fridays! MACs, Fun Events & More

Hello Hello Divas!

I am back! Where was I? Lost without my beloved MAC Ibook G4. I know its time to get a new one, but I just can’t part with it just yet. My power cord went kaput and I have been without a computer for 4 days! So I am so sorry for the delayed posts, but I will certainly make it up to you guys! Here are a few updates on events that have passed or coming up that I know you guys will enjoy!

Last Friday, I attended the VIP Grand Opening of the new Carol’s Daughter store in Lenox Mall, Atlanta, GA. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Lisa Price, the visionary and owner of Carol’s Daughter. I did film it on my mini VADO pocket cam. As soon as I figure out how to download the video, I will post the interview asap. I did purchase the Almond Cookie Fragrance and it is insane! Love! It is my new signature scent! Yummy!

Lux, The Salon in Grant Park, Atlanta, GA, is offering $10 blowouts or styling services if you have a job interview! Talk about helping a girl out during the recession! LOL! This service is called “First Impression Style” and is only offered on the day of your interview. Proof of interview is required. Lux caters to all ethnicities and hair types and provides a wide range of hair care services. Visit their website at for more information.

If you love handbags like me you are going to love this new handbag club! Smacking Fab Bags is an online community and handbag club that delivers a brand new fabulous handbag to its members every month! The membership fee is only $45 per month! The bags are of the latest styles and truly divalicous! Check out their website here at

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Sneak Peak shopping event at a AJ Wright discount shopping store. You guys know how I love discount shopping! AJ Wright is like a mini-TJMAXX but with better prices! I mean I found a Ralph Lauren Men’s Polo Shirt for only $12.99! Check back on Saturday for a review of my shopping experience and see all the fab products I purchased with only $100!

Love ya and Toodles!


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  1. My computer recently got fixed, so I know the feeling! It’s like my life was on hold or something. But in the meantime, I was able to focus on other important areas, which was actually refreshing. Yay! Glad you’re up and running. 😉

  2. @Good Girl Gone Shopping hey gorgeous! Long time no hear! It was interesting being unplugged..definitely had time to smell the roses! Ha! I hope you are doing well!

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