Fun Fridays! New York Fashion Week!

Hello Divas!

I hope your Friday is so much fun! It is sunny with a nice breeze here in Atlanta. A great break from the humidity! Well today Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week officially kicked off in Bryant Park. Whoohoo! Unfortunatley, I will not be there, but a few of my blogging friends are attending and will provide us with daily pictures, videos, and interviews from fashion week. What I love most is that we will get the “real deal” of what happens in the tents. How cool is that? I will be checking the site, Inside The Tents , every hour for real time fashion week information. Inside The Tents is a website that will provide fashion week coverage from independent bloggers. Click on the Inside The Tents icon to find out more information and to get your daily Fashion Week fix! I know I will!


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