Fun Fridays! Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes

Fun Fridays! Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes

Hello Divas!

I hope life has been wonderful! It is back to freezing weather here in Atlanta. Well tonight I hope to attend a hot event…if I get a sitter. lol! If I do attend this event, I am going to wear my Revlon Fantasy Lengths “falsies” or false eyelashes. I am currently obsessed with these eyelashes. Why? Because I can go from drab to glam in about 15 minutes! False eyelashes are great for a formal event or paired with lip gloss and jeans while shopping. In my opinion, false eyelashes are the ultimate accessory! Revlon’s Fantasy Lengths eyelashes come in multiple styles, self-adhesive or with glue, and they are affordable! They are only $6 at CVS or your local drugstore.

Revlon’s self-adhesive falsies are my favorite. I personally do not like dealing with glue. I leave the glue to the pros! lol! Here is my technique to applying them perfectly:

I simply remove the lashes from their container,
I then hold the lashes up to my eye and make sure they fit (if not, I can trim them),
Next, I carefully and with a lot of patience place the lashes on top of my lashes and close to the base of my eyelashes as possible,
Lastly, using patience, I take my fingertips and carefully press the eyelashes cm by cm securely to the base of my eyelashes. Remember patience is the key!

Once the lashes are secure, ooh la la! I add a touch of lip gloss and go! In addition, they are so easy to remove. With patience, carefully remove the lashes from your eye. Simple. Also Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes are reusable! Simply place them back in their container that is shaped like perfectly curved eyelashes. This container helps the lashes retain their shape.

You can also purchase them online here.



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