Fun Fridays! Sales and Events!

Fun Fridays! Sales and Events!

Hello Divas!

I hope you are having a fabulous Friday!

Today I am speaking at the 2nd International Conference of Fashion Incubators taking place in Atlanta at the W Buckhead. I will discuss how fashion designers can use social media to get their product to their target audience. Yep..I guess I am a social media expert now. LOL! I am looking forward to it and I know it will be tons of fun. Plus I get a chance to meet new and emerging fashion designers, which I absolutely love!

Curltopia, one of my favorite natural hair care salons, is having a mega sale on Miss Jessie’s Hair Products. Starting November 27 through December 31st, all Miss Jessie’s products are buy one get one free! As you know, I am in love with the Baby Buttercream. It works wonders on luxe baby’s hair! I am buying enough Baby Buttercream to last a year! I am so excited! You can take advantage of this sale online here or visit their salon located in Smyrna, GA.

Have a beautiful weekend Divas!


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  1. Yes. You ARE a social media butterfly my dear. I hope your presentation goes well!

  2. @The Broke Socialite: Thanks Beautiful! It went very well! I was soooo nervous because I usually just present about Intellectual Property legal issues. I knew more than I thought! We need to chat!

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