Fun Fridays! Sales and Luxe stores!

Hello Divas!

I hope all is fab in your world! It is Friday and the sun finally came out!

Divas CVS is a having a major sale on some of my favorite drugstore brand products! All Wet n’ Wild products are buy 1 get 1 free. Also if you have a CVS card, you can save $3 on all ROC skincare. Lastly, all Maybelline Mascaras are buy 1 get 1 free. Great great sale! Stock up Divas!

My favorite upscale discount shopping boutique, Luxe-Atlanta, is having an uber chic event this Saturday from 12-5pm. They are introducing a new stylist, E. Vincent Martinez, to their team and will celebrate with great food and gift bags with purchase from Clove Salon Gallery & Boutique. Divas, I have been shopping at Luxe-Atlanta since 2003. The owners bring the hottest high-end designer fashions to Atlanta and sale them for up to 80% off. Love! Click here for event details and directions.


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  1. I still love Wet ‘N Wild’s nail polish. It’s cheap, comes in fab colors, and is so old school. Thanks for the updates! Too bad I don’t live close to ya. I would say let’s meet up and shop makeup like rock stars!

  2. @Good Girl Gone Shopping Hey girl! I hope all is fab in your world! Yes, if we are ever in the same town, we have to go make-up shopping together. I am sure we would do major damage! LOL! Thanks for always visiting Luxe Tips!


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