GAP 1969 Jeans and Perfect Trousers: Comfort and Style

GAP 1969 Jeans and Perfect Trousers: Comfort and Style

Hello Divas!

I hope life has been wonderful for you fab people!  I discovered several things this past week. God still performs miracles everyday and choosing to be happy or miserable is a choice!

Well I have returned from Blogher 2010.  It was fabulous and exhausting!  The sessions were awesome.  My session, Mastering Intellectual Property Law on the Internet went very well and we answered so many questions we went over time.  I am glad we could give some Bloggers some insight on this very important topic. Also there were amazing keynotes, hundreds of Bloggers to meet, and plenty of parties! Whew! What a conference!

Before heading to NYC, GAP graciously offered to style me and provide a mini-wardrobe for my Blogher trip.  To say I was floored is an understatement.  See I heavily shopped at GAP in college and law school and always loved the clothes.  They are affordable and of good quality.  As a matter of fact, I still have a pair of GAP flat front stretch Khakis and a GAP polka dot blouse from mid 90s.  Plus I ALWAYS shop at GAP for luxe son’s clothes.  The are sturdy for an active elementary aged boy and stylish.  I had just purchased him several pairs of GAP cargo pants and shorts for school.  

So of course, I said yes! Who wouldn’t want a complimentary mini-wardrobe with free styling from GAP.

GAP gave me one denim look and one Perfect Trousers look.  GAP is currently promoting their 1969 Jeans and Perfect Trousers pants.  The 1969 Jeans are made with heavy denim with plenty of stretch and they are comfy.  I chose a skinny jeans pair because I love skinny jeans!  My stylist Chad also chose a buttery soft but stylish tee and fitted black blazer to complete the look.  Here is my outfit.


Next Chad found me a pair of City Flats and a City Tote to compliment the outfit.  These sparkly flats had just came in that day and I jumped on them! Love them!  I wore them almost everyday in NYC and they were so comfy.  I highly recommend them.  Plus he found me a cute but functional tote to complete the look.  I actually carried my laptop and all of my essential belongings in this bag from Thursday until Monday and still had plenty of room! I love this bag!

GAP Perfect Trousers are just that Perfect.  They are soft, the fit is right and Chad chose me a blue pinstripe pair.  I guess he figured she is a lawyer and what lawyer does not love a pair of perfect pinstripe slacks.  He paired the trousers with a nice white high neck blouse and I was officially done.  He suggested red platform pumps to complete the look and I thought “that is why he is a stylist.”  He just knew what items go together to create a perfect look.

Of course I rocked the City Flats, City Tote and denim outfit at Blogher.  What do you think? 

Me and Tech Guru, Adria Richards


Disclaimer:  All Gap clothing were complimentary courtesy of GAP. However my opinion of the clothes and accessories is my own.

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8 Responses to “GAP 1969 Jeans and Perfect Trousers: Comfort and Style”

  1. Great outfits! Lucky duck. 🙂

  2. And you looked fabulous the entire conference!

  3. Girl, you were pure Hotness!!. The jeans looked great on you and what a wonderful offer from Gap.

  4. I love your post. I’m going to check for those shoes.

    Francise Wright

  5. @Renee LOL! I do love the outfits. They fit with my lifestyle

    @Funkidivagirl Thank you! So did you fab one. Also thanks for taking those pictures. They are gorgeous!

    @Angela Cooper Thanks girl! It was truly a great offer and blessing! LOL!

    @Anonymous. Thanks for visiting. Yeah you have to get these flats. They are so comfortable, made for walking while still super cute.

  6. omg how fantastic!!!! im trying my best to get to blogalicious this year. will you be speaking there too?

  7. @Yummy411 speaking this year, but I will be there in full effect! Can’t wait!

  8. Great post, I love following your blog because I think you always have some really interesting articles and great fashion tips. I really like the black skinny jeans you bought that go really well with your flats. You struck the gold mine with that deal they gave you, I just wish I could find deals that gave me the same value.

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