Giorgio Armani: Acqua di Gio Parfum

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Growing up, I could rarely wear perfume. Strong perfumes flared my sinuses and to add insult to injury I would endure topical breakouts. Slowly, I grew out of that and developed other allergies. Sigh… However, I developed a love for fragrance once I could actually indulge myself.
In high school, my favorite was Gio by Giorgio Armani, not to be confused with Aqua di Gio. Gio is a musky scent, but not to heavy and totally alluring. It was great with my body chemistry (body chemistry is key. We cannot all wear the same perfumes. That is  with the exception of Pleasures. Everyone seems to smell good in that one, but I digress.) Sadly, Gio is a little hard to come by. It was created  in 1992 and includes green florals, gardenia, and orange blossoms with hints of amber wood and vanilla. Yum.
On my wedding day, my sister bought me a Sensi  also by Giorgio Armani. It was created in 2002.  I have gotten several compliments on it, mostly by members of the opposite sex. There was definitely something working in that mix,  so I decided to look it up and see what it was:  kaffir; jasmine, another fave;  and benzoin,  a tropical resin too complex for words.  Like Gio, Sensi is now hard to come by and rather expensive when you can find it. Therefore, I have been looking for a new signature fragrance, and I don’t have to look any further than Armani.
I want to step into Thirty with the newest Giorgio Armani fragrances, Acqua di Gioia. It wafts from  the pages of my Vogue and Elle magazines. The fragrance is a mix of  crushed mint with hints of  “Italian Limone Primo Fiore Femminelle” – quite literally the first buds of a lemon tree, which sounds far more intoxicating in Italian. The perfume is further enhanced with cedar and brown sugar. Who doesn’t love brown sugar?  It also contains labdanum, a resin from a rare plant with which I was unfamiliar. Labdanum is described as a plant that “reach[es] deep into our subconscious and bring back memories, pictures, feelings and moods.” * It is also associated with warmth, strength, and sensuality. Enough said; I am sold.
Acqua di Gioia is much lighter than the two Armani fragrances I have worn before. It is airy and refreshing without being too perfumey. While Acqua di Gioia would make a great “summer scent,”  it is too delectable to not to wear it year-round.
Acqua di Gioia Eau de Parfum, 1.0 oz

$39.50, Macy’s

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  1. Well with that description I’m gonna have to give it a smelland and if I like I’ll buy. I need some new perfume.

  2. @Angela Hey you! Miss you! Yep, I think I need it myself. It sounds delicious! I hope all is well!

  3. Geogio Armani will always be my all time favorite.

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