Good Ole Olive Oil

Good Ole Olive Oil

Hello Divas!

I hope your weekend was fabulous! Mine was hectic, but good. Well last week, I was visiting one of my absolute fav beauty blogs, Shake Your Beauty, and Ms. Tia announced that she was preggers with…..a little girl. Yeeeaaah! She asked her readers for recommendations of products she can use during her pregnancy. Well ladies, I recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I tell you E.V. Olive Oil is a must have, all natural, beautifying moisturizer that rocks! When I became pregnant, my Aunt recommend that I use Olive Oil to prevent stretch marks. She said it would loosen my skin so that it could stretch freely and it would keep my skin moisturized. When you have a baby growing inside your belly, your skin becomes very itchy and dry. Well I massaged my belly, legs, arms, breast, and rear with E.V. Olive Oil every morning and night and two pregnancies later, I do not have one stretch mark! Now you see why I am absolutely in love with E.V. Olive Oil. I also discovered that I could use it on my hair for moisture and sheen. But if you do use it on your hair, only use a teeny bit. I also used it on my face when my skin was extra dry. For some reason, while pregnant, the skin on my face was super dry when normally I have oily skin. Well the E.V. Olive Oil moisturized my face and did not leave it oily. My skin just glowed! And after doing some research, I discovered that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has antioxidants and is a great anti-aging moisturizer for the face! What more can you ask for?? Again, my skin glowed everywhere I used the E.V. Olive Oil! I can’t rave about E.V. Olive Oil enough! I still use E.V. Olive Oil when my skin or hair is dry or I just need that glow factor. I use Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can purchase it at any grocery store. Divas try E.V. Olive Oil and I know you will love it too!



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  1. I looove olive oil!! I sometimes mix it with honey to make a pre-poo

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