Hana Professional Flat Iron: Frizz Free Hair!

Hana Professional Flat Iron: Frizz Free Hair!

Hello Divas!

I hope your weekend was a blast! I am writing to hip you divas to an absolutely fabulous flat iron I have been using. Misikko’s, The Hana Professional 1 inch Flat Iron. I actually won this flat iron in a giveaway hosted by Beauty Logic. Beauty Logic is a fantastic blog that features beauty products, but specifically hair care products and tips. I have tried her tips for beautiful hair and they are right on. Check out her top secret for beautiful hair here. Okay, now back to this great flat iron. I just love it! I love the fact that it is small, only 1 inch. It also comes with a insulated leather pouch so it easily travels with you on a vacay or work. Love it! Of course it is ceramic and we all know by now that ceramic flat irons are the best. They lock in natural oils and create silky shiny frizz free hair. Well I have very coarse hair and after 15 months, my hair is officially 100% natural. Yeah! I get a blow out and press every 2 weeks, but after 1 week, my hair starts to revert back to its natural state around the edges. Well, when the edges were frizzy and puffy this time around, I whipped out my new Hana Professional Ceramic Flat Iron and ran it through the edges, and like magic back to silky smooth hair. I was very very impressed! Plus this flat iron is great for ALL hair types because it has 4 heat settings for different textures of hair. Read about this flat iron here. It retails for $99.99, but Misikko is currently selling this iron for $89.99. This iron is a must have! I know you will love it!


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4 Responses to “Hana Professional Flat Iron: Frizz Free Hair!”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the iron sweetie. you deserve it after that story. Hugs, DE

  2. To Dominican Enigma:
    Yes the story was too true and a doozy. lol! This iron is just too fab! Thanks again!

  3. My Chi Iron cord broke & I just bought a Wigo for $59. I wish I had known about this one two weeks ago.

  4. To Rosemarie:

    If you get a chance, do buy it. It is really great!


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