Happy New Year! 2009 Beauty Resolutions!

Hello Divas!

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a fabulous New Year! Like everyone I am creating a list of New Year Resolutions. However this year I am doing something a little different. I am writing out my resolutions on index cards to carry with me and post on my bathroom mirror. I am also creating a vision board. I need to try something different that will keep me on task. lol! I do have a list of 2009 Beauty Resolutions that will also go on index cards. Divas we ALWAYS have take care of ourselves and look gorgeous. Because when we look good we feel good and our good mood rubs off on everyone we come in contact with. So Divas here are my 2009 Beauty Resolutions. Enjoy and leave a comment sharing yours!

1. Give myself a mini-facial once a week. Per one of my absolute favorite beauty bloggers, MischoBeauty, giving yourself a mini-facial between facials is a must. She is fabulous and I am taking her advice. I gave myself one last week and it was fab!

2. Having a massage once a month. I work darn hard. I deserve it.

3. Taking a yoga class once every two weeks. Last year I took a pregnancy yoga class and a mommy and me yoga class with my daughter. It is fantastic. I really get a chance to relax.

4. If I see an item that I really love and must have, I am going to buy it. As long as I am within budget, I am buying it. No more regrets here.

5. Purchase a tube of YSL lipstick. The packaging is gorgeous and the lipsticks look so luxe!

6. Organize my beauty arsenal with pretty and feminine containers.

7. Wear Perfume everyday.

8. Take a long hot bubble bath once a week. Aaahhh.

9. Write more freelance beauty articles

10. Take a trip to Paris. A must for any Diva!


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9 Responses to “Happy New Year! 2009 Beauty Resolutions!”

  1. I likey!!

    I’m all about that vision board!!

    Here’s hoping you achieve all your goals for 2009…

  2. Those resolutions are fab!
    I love your blog. =)

  3. You are right on target with the vision board & placing them on your bathroom mirror! I did that in mid 08′ and it really helped me to stay focused!

    I also wrote out a check to myself of where I wanted to be financially with my business! Looking at that every day, helped me to stay motivated to do something everyday toward building my brand!!!

    Love your blog….keep it coming!

  4. Yes these are great (I tried picking a favorite, but I couldn’t!), and I totally agree. When you work hard, you should totally pamper yourself.

  5. To ~a: Thank you and I hope you achieve all of yours as well!

    To Emma: Thank you for the compliment! It is nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting!

    To A. Latrice: I love the idea of writing myself a check. I am going to do that! Thanks for the compliment and for visiting luxetips!

    To Posh Concept: Thank you for commenting! Yes working hard deserves pampering!

  6. To Joi: Thanks! Welcome to Luxetips!

  7. Hey! I love your blog. I’m in ATL as well. I especially loved this list and plan to link to it in my blog. We are definitely on the same page!

  8. You have no idea about the trip to Paris, I go every 2 years. it’s the place to be for anyone really into fashion.

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