Happy New Year: My 2013 Resolutions

Happy New Year: My 2013 Resolutions

Hello Divas:

I am so looking forward to 2013.  2012 was a great year for me.  It was such a contrast to 2011 which brought a lot of loss, pain, heartache, and struggle.  I prayed for a better year in 2012 and God answered my prayers.  I am so thankful for his Grace.

My Resolutions for 2013 or better yet, my prayers for 2013 is that I improve on last year and become a better human being.  I am far from perfect, but I want to continue to become better.  So here are my resolutions: 

1. Love unconditionally but with boundaries.  Loving someone does not mean you let someone take advantage of you or disrespect you.  It means being free to find the beauty and goodness in others and showing them you appreciate them through love.

2. Always forgive.  I have learned that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.  We also intentionally or unintentionally hurt people and sometimes we are just not at our best.  If we make a mistake, we would want forgiveness and understanding, so we must give it to others.  There is power in forgiveness.  When I forgive, my spirit is free.

3. Manage my finances better.  I admit I am not good at this, but I have to get better ASAP.  So I have decided to get some professional help.  I am not good at everything…although I like to think I am. 🙂

4. Travel more.  Last year was the first time I traveled outside of the continental United States.  I went to Paris, France and Jamaica.  It was a huge step for me and changed my perspective on certain things forever.  I can’t wait to visit more continents and countries.

5. Treat myself more.  Last year I did treat myself a lot more than I did in the past 8 years.  This year I am committed to rewarding myself a wee bit more for all the hard work I put in.  

6. Take better care of myself.  I work a lot and my little luxe kids are hard work.  But I realized if I don’t take care of me, I wont be able to take care of those precious babies.  So I have started to eat better, exercise 3-4 per week, and take time to relax by reading a book, listening to music, watching movies, going to shows, concerts, and hanging out in my favorite park.

You know when my Mom passed away last year, I committed to live my life with no fear and no regrets.  I commit to this on a bigger level this year.  

Life is Good. Enjoy it.


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  1. Great post:) Happy New Year!

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