Hautelanta Fashion Week: Vivian Compton Show

Hautelanta Fashion Week: Vivian Compton Show

Hello Divas!

I hope your day is beautiful! I am loving this new weather..no humidity, cool, sunny, and breezy. Today I am going to feature the designs of Vivian Compton. Vivian Compton is a fierce fashion designer here in Atlanta. Her work is artsy, but comfortable, stylish, and sophisticated. I LOVE her clothes. Ms. Compton hails from Germany and has been designing since she was a teenager. She told me that she designs “for everyone, especially the woman who wants to be a trendsetter and has the need to be different.” As a teenager Vivian said “she was always taking clothes and cutting them up or altering them so that she stood out.” She is definitely a true artist and trendsetter. And she is very down to earth and gorgeous! Check out her photo.

Here are a few pics of some of the pieces in her Spring Collection that I ADORE!

This black halter jumpsuit is perfect for a nite out on the town!

I love this artisitc halter dress. The splash of turquoise with the black and gray is just gorgeous!

You can wear this classy but funky jumpsuit having lunch with friends or dress it up for an evening cocktail party! Plus the splash of color makes it so versatile.

These colorful metallic dresses were a hit! Vivian used a stretch knit fabric to create the designs. I was loving the way the dresses were reflecting the light!

I love this flowing dress. Once again, Vivian used the contrast of black and gray with turquoise. I can see myself in this dress lounging at a sea side resort!

You can find Vivian’s designs at Naoma Nerette Boutique. It is located in the heart of East Atlanta at 1267 Glenwood Ave., SE. Visit Naomanerette.com for more details.

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4 Responses to “Hautelanta Fashion Week: Vivian Compton Show”

  1. I like that seaside resort look, too. Very J-Lo. Great post!

  2. Her clothes are fierce! I can see you wearing them. Me? No so much. LOL

  3. I like the turquoise and blacks together! Seems like the brown and blue thing is kind of over?

  4. To Lollie Shopping: Yes the seaside resort look was my favorite! Thanks for the compliment.

    To Renee: You can wear them too Renee! She has tons of fab clothes..You must visit the boutique!

    To Good n Crazy: Thanks for stopping by! Yes I am loving this color combination also. This color combination is definitely more prominent than the brown and blue!

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