Hood-ie-Rat: Cute Hoodies at Anthropologie and Modcloth

Hood-ie-Rat: Cute Hoodies at Anthropologie and Modcloth
I have seen a wonderful array of cute hoodies. After Hubby’s comment that my gym clothes looked “matronly” (clutch the pearls), I try not to wear generic athletic wear to and fro the gym. I like to wear a sporty hoodie or fitted jacket. Anthropologie’s Superfluous Bellows Hoodie is a cute take on the hoodie trend and is multi-faceted. It fits the bill for inspriing gym wear or simple weekend casual. The Superfluous Bellows Hoodie has gorgeous pleats lining the hem of the cotton blend and ruching throughout.  The Pure and Good creation is machine wash and zips up. You can find it at Anthropologie for $68.00.
The Hoodie Gumdrops Jacket  is another fantastic option. It is far dressier than the Superfulous Bellows Hoodie, and one that I would  save for a Friday night at the movies rather than soiling it with sweat. The black hoodie has a felted interior – just yummy for those breezy mornings-  with brass buttons and a drawstring hood. The  princess seams accent wait the waist and bust line giving the hoodie a dressy feel.  You can find the Hoodie Gumdrops Jacket at Modcloth for $44.99.  
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