Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: CVS Round Cotton Pads

Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: CVS Round Cotton Pads

Hello Divas!

I hope your Wednesday is fantabulous! It is sunny in the Atl today. Yeah! It is such a nice break from the constant rain.

Divas I am out of my favorite facial cotton pads. CVS Round Cotton Pads are the best cotton pads I have ever used. Why are they so good? First I love the price. You get 80 pads for $2.25. Plus sometimes they are on sale for much less with your CVS card. In addition, I only need to use one pad to completely remove all the excess oil, dirt, and makeup from my face. Previous brands I used would take 2 pads to completely clean my face, not the CVS brand. I firmly believe the pad’ thickness and slightly large size contributes to why it works so well! These pads do a whole lot! A 80 pack will last me for at least 2 months. I am getting mucho bang for the buck! You can purchase CVS Round Cotton Pads online here or at any CVS. Divas make sure check to your CVS circular so you can catch them on sale!


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3 Responses to “Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: CVS Round Cotton Pads”

  1. This is a great find. I love saving money on things like this.

  2. i have been using these for a while now. all their round pads are not created equal! lol! i would pick up some round pads thinking i should get the same result.. uhh no! i have to pay attention and choose wisely lol!

  3. To Renee: Hey girl! These are the best I have ever used. Seriously.

    To Yummy411: LOL! Girl you are so right! These are the best I have found. I hope all is well!

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