Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant

Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant

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I must admit I am a Dove girl.  As I have previously discussed on this blog, I only use Dove for Sensitive Skin bar soap on my skin.  Why?  My skin is super sensitive and Dove for Sensitive Skin is the only soap that will not irritate my skin or cause breakouts.  Another Dove product I love is Dove solid powder fresh deodorant.  I buy it in bulk and I have been using it for the past 10 years…or so.  I rarely try other deodorants, but if I do, I always come back to my staple Dove brand.  So when I was given the opportunity to try the new Dove Go Sleeveless solid deodorant, I eagerly agreed.  Dove’s new Go Sleeveless deodorant claims to make your underarms more softer and smoother in just 5 days.  

I did like the deodorant.  It has a very silky texture and does make your underarms feel soft.  I can’t necessarily say it made my underarms smoother, but I did like the feel of the deodorant under my arm.  It definitely has a creamier texture than my staple Dove deodorant.  More importantly, it kept me dry and odor free all day.  So that is always a winner for me because I do sweat a lot.  I didn’t particularly like the scent.  I tried the Pear Finish scent, which is a more floral scent.  I prefer a powder fresh scent.  The great thing about this deodorant is that it contains moisturizing Vitamin E and F.  Overall I did like it, however I would like to try the Nourished Beauty scent.   

Dove is also having a very cool contest to kick off the debut of their Go Sleeveless deodorant.  Dove has partnered with Jessica Szohr, star of Gossip Girl,  to invite women all over the world to design their own sleeveless top with the go sleeveless Fashion Challenge app on Dove’s Facebook page here, where they can also view the sleeveless top gallery and vote on their favorite designs.  By submitting a unique design, each participant will automatically be entered for a chance to win a New York City shopping trip with Jessica Szohr worth $5,000.  Wowza!

Dove’s Go Sleeveless deodorant retails for about $5 and can be purchased at CVS.


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  1. Dove for me I think not, but a lot of people with sensitive skin usually gravitate toward Dove when problematic skin becomes a concern. Me myself I am an Olay broad to the core. Ever since I tried it some years ago to help combat dry skin I was hooked on this soap the moisturizing bar is my fav. I use it regularly on my face as well, and I must say it’s cleanses well and leaves my face smooth and soft to touch. The gentle ability of Olay is unmatched in my book.

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