HOT DRUGSTORE FIND OF THE WEEK: Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme

HOT DRUGSTORE FIND OF THE WEEK: Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme

Hello Divas!

I am a living testimony that if you have faith, God will supply all of your needs.  Faith really makes life simple.

Well when I was trying to figure out what I was going to blog about for the “Hot Drugstore Find of the Week,” I had my Eucerin Daily Skin Balance hand creme out.  I had just applied it to relieve my cracked, dry hands.  This Winter weather has been brutal on them!  But I am so glad I have my Eucerin hand creme to get me through the day.

My family has used Eucerin for years.  As a child, my Aunt would give us samples of Eucerin lotion from the hospital.  My little luxe son has a mild case of Eczema and I use Eucerin on his skin to keep it hydrated and blemish free.  I never used their hand creme until I attended Blogher 2010.  Eucerin was a vendor in the Expo Hall and they were giving out samples.  Of course, I grabbed one.  I had not used the hand creme until this Winter and since I have been using it, I am in love with it.  I use it so much, I am running out to CVS today to purchase some more.

This hand creme is beyond awesome! It is super super hydrating.  It instantly gets rids of dry skin.  My hands are smooth and soft all day long.  I really do not need to constantly re-apply the lotion unless I wash my hands.  I also use it on the luxe kids in the a.m.  I put it on their little arms and hands before sending them off to school.

In addition, Eucerin’s Daily Skin Balance hand creme has a patent-pending formula that contains provitamin B5, glycerin and a pH5 buffer.

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme retails for $5.59, a steal, and you can purchase it online here or at any CVS.


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