Hot Drugstore Find of the Week! Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft

Hot Drugstore Find of the Week! Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft

Hello Divas!

I hope this week is a good one! My Hot Drugstore Find of the Week is Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft Mascara. While visiting several beauty forums, I kept reading rave reviews about Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft. Fellow beauty junkies claim it is a great thickening Mascara that also lenghtens your lashes and keeps them nice and soft. So, considering my absolute obsession with Mascara, you know I had to try it! Well ladies it definitely lives up to the hype! The brush is medium to big (not big as DiorShow which I will review later), and I love that when you pull the brush out of the tube, any excess Mascara is instantly wiped off the brush. So no clumps! I apply 2 coats and my lashes are thick, full, and long. I really really like this Mascara! And true to its name, your lashes feel soft and feathery, not hard. Plus you can’t beat the price. This Mascara retails for $7. You can purchase it online here, or at your fav drugstore.


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  1. I am going to have to try this mascara. I can’t leave home without mascara. Well, I am getting back into the habit. Motherhood really has done a number on me.

  2. Renee:

    I know what you mean about motherhood. That is why I started this blog because as a stay at home mom, I had been whipped and kind of let my beauty obession go…but I reclaimed my fab self and snatched back my beauty obsession..and the luxe life was created. For every woman regardless of occupation or budget!

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