Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: Revlon Tweezers!

Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: Revlon Tweezers!

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Divas I lost my favorite La Vaque Tweezers.  I so need to contact them so they can send me a replacement pair.  So I have had to find a suitable replacement in the meantime.  I purchased a pair of Revlon Point Tip Tweezers from CVS and I am extremely pleased with their performance.

I like that the Tweezers allow a firm grip.  They don’t slide out of my hands.  They are just the right size.  They are not too big and not too small.  But, what I love most about the Tweezers is how well they remove unwanted hairs.  The point firmly grips hairs and pull them out firmly but gently.  You don’t have to worry about grabbing a piece of hair and it breaks mid-shaft and not from the root. I love that!  I have used so many Tweezers in the past that simply break off hairs without removing them completely. Ugh!

Revlon Tweezers retail for $2.99 and you purchase them at CVS or online here.


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