Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: Revlon’s A Floral Affair Sheer Powder Blush

Hello Divas!

How is your Wednesday? I am so glad this is a short work week I don’t know what to do! My hot drugstore find of the week is Revlon’s A Floral Affair Sheer Powder Blush. Now I must admit, I have never used a drugstore brand blush. When I started wearing make up I never used blush, just lipstick, eye pencil, and mascara. When I was introduced to the fabness of blush, of course NARS stole my heart and I have been a NARS junkie ever since. But one of my faithful readers, Rhonda, asked me to recommend a good drugstore blush. So of course I had to deliver. I chose Revlon’s A Floral Affair because one, the floral design is just so pretty! Two, the colors in the Honey Bunch palette are peach, orange, and bronze. I knew these colors would look great on me because orange blush rocks on brown skin! The Floral Affair Blush has three colors that you can apply individually or you can swirl all three together and apply to your cheeks. I swirl the colors together and I truly get a nice flushed glow! Also, the blush is very light and smooth. I have been wearing this blush for a week and I really like it. My only complaint is that the color does not last all day long. I definitely have to reapply the blush towards the end of the day. But I am spoiled because I never have to reapply with my beloved NARS. When using Revlon’s A Floral Affair, I would definitely recommend wearing primer so that the color will last. But besides that, I would recommend purchasing this blush. It retails for $11.99 and it comes in several color palettes. Regardless of your skin tone, you can definitely find a color to compliment you. Click here to view the blush palettes and for purchase information. You can also find this blush at CVS!


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  1. This blush is oh so pretty. Perhaps I need to go and pick it up tomorrow and try it for myself. I love a good blush.

  2. To Renee:

    It is too cute! I have been wearing it everyday! I just love the subtle glow!

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