Hot Drugstore Find of the Week: Trim’s Neat Feet Portable Pedicure System

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While in Hilton Head, I needed a pedicure in the worst way. Since I have been so busy, I did not have time to go to the nail salon to get a pedicure. I figured, I would just get one when I arrived. But I found it difficult to locate a nail salon near the beach! So I went to a CVS to find a pumice stone and other tools to do my own pedicure before hanging out on the beach all day. Crusty feet and the beach don’t mix! LOL!

Well I found this cute little portable pedicure system by Trim. I was intrigued because this pedicure system looks like a mini Clarisonic and you Divas know how bad I want a Clarisonic. I digress…. The system is a mini power tool with four different heads to give your feet a nice pedicure. How neat???!!

There is a pumice head that smooths rough areas; a brush that cleans feet; a sponge that is used to apply lotion or your favorite foot cream; and a small file to give your feet a final once over. The portable pedicure system also comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage. Plus it fits perfectly in my beauty case. I love products that I can easily transport!

I soaked my feet and used the pumice head to smooth my rough feet. The power tool moves in a circular motion. I applied it to my feet and it removed most of the rough areas. I would have liked it to remove more dead skin, but my feet were smooth enough to present in public! I then applied a nice foot cleanser and used the brush to clean my feet. The motion was very soothing. I think I like this brush the was like a mini-massage. I didn’t use the sponge to apply lotion, but I did use the file to give my feet a final once over. The file did not make much of a difference, but it is a nice concept.

Overall the tool gave me a decent pedicure. I loved that I did not have to use a lot of energy giving myself a pedicure because the power tool does it for you. Now that is genius! I do think it could be a little more powerful, but for $10 it was definitely worth the purchase. You can purchase this portable pedicure system from any CVS or Target.



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  1. This pedicure set is sure to make life easy for one and all…great update here.

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