Hot Find of the Week: Deordorant Towelettes

Hot Find of the Week: Deordorant Towelettes

Hello Divas!

I am learning to be content in whatever state I am in. Everything happens for a reason and it all works out in the end.

Divas I have a new obsession. Deodorant towelettes.  I recently used the deodorant towelette that was included in my Ms. and Mrs. Emergency Kit.  I was the host of an event and needed to take a shower and dress.  I forgot my original stick deodorant but remembered there was a deodorant towelette in the emergency kit.  It was a single towelette that had a fresh clean spring smell.  I wiped it under both underarms and that was it.  But the magic was in the towelette’s performance.  Although, I was hosting a huge Auction event and running all over the place, I didn’t:

1. Sweat
2. Experience odor of any kind.
3. Most importantly, the towelette did not leave any deodorant residue stains on my clothes.

Also, when I raised my arm, there was no visible white chalky substance in sight.  I was pretty impressed.  So of course I had to find more of these towelettes included in the Ms. and Mrs. emergency kit or find a close substitute.

Well I discovered that Ms. and Mrs. emergency kits website sells refills of the goodies included in their kit! Woot!  You can buy 6 deodorant towelettes for $3! I am just too thrilled.  I am ordering a boat load of these babies for my everyday use.  Although they are certainly more expensive than a regular stick of deodorant, they are so worth it!



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  1. I am so cracking up at this deodorant to the rescue piece not only because I have found myself in similar situations but because of the way Toodles (smile) put emphasis on the telling of the towelettes performance while also adding in a speck of comedy with the phrase boat load of these. Making me seriously feel the need to row in with my own stock pile and save up for the musk. Sweet smelling and sweet dreams girls.

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