Hot Item! LORAC Co-Star Lip Color and Gloss in French Kiss

Hot Item! LORAC Co-Star Lip Color and Gloss in French Kiss

Hello Divas!

Long time no see!  I have been busy busy busy. 

As you Divas recall, I won some beauty products at the Sephora Pampering Event.  One of the products I won was a tube of Lorac Co-Stars lip color and lip gloss.  This product includes a long wearing lip color on one end and a shiny lip gloss on the other.  Here is a pic.

I must admit that I love the color French Kiss.  It is a pinkish mauve color and it works very well on my skin tone.

On skin:

The lip color is smooth and creamy and it glides on like a dream.  This color is a perfect compliment to a natural look or with a more dramatic look while keeping the lips toned down.  The product claims that the lip color lasts for 8 hours.  Well I did not find that to be true.  The color lasts for about 4 hours without any smudges or fading in color.  After 4 hours it is a distant thing of the past.

You can wear the color alone or underneath the lip gloss.  The lip gloss does produce high glossy shine and it slightly dilutes the color for a more pale version of the original color.  I absolutely love the gloss.  It has high shine, but is not sticky.  This gloss is a winner!

Overall I love this product.  I like that you get a beautiful lip color and gloss in one.  I can wear it with or without lip gloss depending on my mood or where I am going.  And the price is not bad either.  You get two products for $20.  In the luxury cosmetics business, that is a steal.

You can purchase LORAC Co-Stars lip color and lip gloss in a range of gorgeous colors here or at any Sephora.  I am actually going to grab a couple of these to add to my beauty arsenal.  They are so worth it!


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