How to Properly Layer Accessories

How to Properly Layer Accessories

Hello Divas!

How have you been this week?  I have been mostly good!  You know what I learned this week? If you don’t think you are beautiful no one else will!

During Mother’s Day weekend, I kept seeing examples of improperly placed accessories.  I like to follow the rule set by Coco Chanel, before leaving the house, always remove one accessory.  Over accessorizing is never good.  Here are a few tips when wearing necklaces, dangling earrings, and arm pieces.


When layering necklaces, the best look is a short length necklaces with a long necklace.  The necklaces should compliment each other and one should be more dominant than the other.  This Rachel Roy necklace is a perfect example of layering necklaces:


If wearing long dangling earrings usually a necklace is not needed.  If you do choose to wear a necklace, wear a long necklace so there is separation between the earrings and your neck piece.  A short necklace should never be worn with long dangling earrings.

Arm Pieces

I love to layer bangles.  However, I usually limit my layering to three.  Three just seems like enough and not overpowering.  However when I wear a cuff, one is enough.  A big beautiful cuff should speak for itself.

Beautiful Cuff

Happy Accessorizing!



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  1. I rarely anything other earrings than my diamond studs, but if I do wear big earrings, you are right, no necklace or a long one. Good tips!

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