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I hope you are all having a fantastic week. Over the past two weeks I have attended two weddings and each time interesting questions or issues were raised regarding what are the essentials to ensure we as TRUE ladies keep the “goods” hidden. Because ladies as we all know a TRUE lady never reveals all the goods. NO BRITNEY private parts shots! There is nothing wrong with being sexy and revealing a little, but full out exposure is never appropriate. Thus, check out my must haves that keep the goods hidden…

1. Double Sided Tape. Ladies we all like to show cleavage. However, if wearing a low plunging neckline and the “goodies” are not secure, double sided tape can prevent any peek-a-boobs. Simply adhere the tape to the fabric and your skin and the “goodies” will be protected. Just remember the J-Lo Versace dress with the plunging neckline during the MTV Video Awards a few years back. Double-sided tape is the only thing that kept that dress on.

2. A slip. If you are wearing a dress or skirt that does not have a lining and you can see through the dress and your private undies or parts are showing, you need to wear a slip. I have one black slip for this purpose alone. I am not saying that you have to wear a slip all the time, which these days most of us do not. But if the goods are visible through a dress or skirt, a slip is a must.

3. Nipple Covers. If you are fortunate or not fortunate (lol!) enough to not have to wear a bra all the time, then you may need to wear nipple covers to prevent visible nipples. In addition, nipple covers come in handy when wearing formal wear or other types of outfits when you can not wear a bra. Nipple covers are also called pasties. Nippits are a great brand of nipple covers that are practically invisible through clothing.

4. Seamless underwear. Visible panty lines are never attractive. But you can alleviate this problem by wearing seamless underwear. In addition, boy cut underwear is also great. I know these days not wearing underwear has become fashionable and sometimes may be necessary when wearing very snug dresses, however, G-strings and the like should be good solutions. Also Spanx, created by Atlanta’s very own Sarah Blakely, are footless pantyhose that can be worn in place of underwear when wearing snug outfits. They also provide great tummy and hip support.

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