I Need This in My Life: Hayden-Harnett Black Onyx Sonia Tote

I Need This in My Life: Hayden-Harnett Black Onyx Sonia Tote

Hello Divas!

I hope your Monday was fabulous and your Tuesday beautiful!

My good friend, Renee of Cutiebootycakes and I were on the phone in the wee hours of the morning talking and we began discussing her Hayden-Harnett Trophy bag she was rocking at the CamiCakes Sweet-up/Tweet-up we both attended. I mean pure fabulousness! Check it out!

Well we began shopping online and I came across this Sonia Tote that I have to have! Divas, tell me what you think.

I don’t know if I should buy the Sonia Tote or the Tamasin Tote I blogged about a month ago.

Sonia Tote.

Tamasin Tote.

One thing for sure I will have a large black Hayden-Harnett tote before the fall hits! Hayden-Harnett is a small designer label that specializes in unique and quality clothing, handbags, and accessories. What I absolutely love about Hayden-Harnett bags is that the leather is like “butta” and the whole world will not have your bag! Also if you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive notification of any special sales or deals not advertised on their website. Renee swears by the newsletters. She already has two Hayden-Harnett bags! Love it! Visit Hayden-Harnett’s website here for more hotness!


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6 Responses to “I Need This in My Life: Hayden-Harnett Black Onyx Sonia Tote”

  1. I think I love the Tasmin tote even more. A bit less “rocker” and a bit more glam. But all three are GORGEOUS and I think the Sonia tote would actually look more flattering on the body. For me it’s all about how thick the bag is. If it sticks out too far, forget it. If it tucks in around your curves perfectly it’s ideal.

    Can’t wait to hear which one you buy!!!

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  3. My vote is for the Tamasin Tote (which is on sale right now for $198).

    I want a Hayden Harnett tote as my fall/winter tote too but I can’t make up my mind which one I want, lol. Their bags are so fab and you won’t see everyone in town rocking the same bag 😉

  4. Girl, get thee to Hayden Harnett now! All the bags are on SALE big time! Pick one up, pick it up, pick it up!

  5. Ok, this is what I really want to know. Tell me how to get the look for less than $100.
    Is that totally cheap of me?

  6. Huge fan of designer handbags, especially totes. Hayden-Harnett Tasamin is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Perfect article title – I really DO need this in my life.

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