I Need This in My Life: Louis Vuitton Train Case

I Need This in My Life: Louis Vuitton Train Case

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Every Tuesday I feature a different “lust” item of the week. Hey we can all dream and fantasize right? LOL!

In my opinion the ultimate “IT” accessory is a Louis Vuitton Train Case. I mean how can you not like it? Gorgeous and functional. I love it! The LV train case is a DIVA item. When you are carrying one, people turn and stare. The LV logo equals quality, style, and function. A Louis Vuitton train case will last for years and years. I will certainly hand mine down to luxe baby!

Of course, the train case is roomy and full of compartments. You can store all of your cosmetics, beauty products, and accessories in one place. There is no need to minimize here! And it comes with a full size mirror! Swoon! I have been eyeing this vintage train case for a while….mmm this would be a great Wedding Anniversary gift!


Photo Credit: Antiques on Bardwell

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