I Need This in My Life: Theory Frivan Romper

Hello Divas!

I hope your day is filled with beauty!

Divas I am in love with this Theory Frivan Romper. Yes it has made my “I Need This In My Life” column. What do I love most about this romper? Well first I love that the design is menswear inspired. I am a sucker for menswear inspired clothing. I love the tailored look and I think women look very crisp, sharp, yet sexy when wearing this style. I also love that it is shorts. The less clothing the better in this Georgia humidity! The front zipper fly, pockets, and belt are just the icing on the cake! With a change of footwear, I can wear this romper out shopping, having lunch or on a hot date! This Theory Frivan Romper retails for $295.00 and you can purchase it at Shopbop.com.


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3 Responses to “I Need This in My Life: Theory Frivan Romper”

  1. That’s gorgeous!

  2. @Luxe Thanks for visiting! I am in love with it!

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