Im Not Pamela Anderson!!!

Im Not Pamela Anderson!!!

Hello Divas!

I truly hope your week has started off with a bang! This post is dedicated to Trudy. I know it took a while Trud but I promise it was worth the wait!

Now some of us are fortunate or not so fortunatate to have an ample “chest” (whether naturally or by design). Thus searching for shirts or blouses that fit properly can sometime be a hassle. For example, you purchase a shirt that buttons in the front and because of your fabulous “chest”, the buttons fasten but create that “peek-a-boo” hole in between buttons. Or better yet, you manage to get all the buttons fastened and as you are walking in the mall with a sea of people, the button right in the middle of your chest just pops open. Frustration Frustration. Or you purchase a cotton t-shirt in your size, but because of your “chest” the t-shirt fits in the waist but not your chest or you purchase a t-shirt that fits your “chest” but not your waist! I have personal experience with this issue girls because I have a medium frame but a very large chest! lol! So, through trial and error and lots of research, I have discovered shirts and tricks that eliminate this problem! Check them out!

1. Sophie Hudson and Rebecca and Drew Clothing lines. These two clothing lines were created for women who have the problem I have just described above. Rebecca and Drew is the more expensive line while Sophie Hudson is less expensive. Basically the creators of these lines specialize in the Dress Shirt and Shirt Dress. The creators improved on the Dress Shirt by basing the shirt on three measurements of a woman’s chest: circumfrence, bra-cup size, and height. Their websites are so cool because they have a very handy dandy Trio Measuring Chart so that you can purchase a shirt that is a perfect fit! Bye Bye “peek-a-boo” holes! Check out this short-sleeved shirt from the Sophie Hudson line. It only retails for $39.90. Also they have the cutest Shirt Dresses. This shirtdress comes in black, baby blue, and yellow. They retail for only $69.90. Ladies the Shirt Dress is the latest rage and how neat is it to purchase one that is cute and fits properly too! Fabulous!

2. Jersey fabric shirts. Ladies I just love this fabric. Whether it is silk jersey or matte cotton jersey, it just makes any woman’s shape look fabulous! Jersey has this amazing ability to lightly touch all of your curves without clinging to your body. And I absolutely love the fact that it stretches with your body and it is just so soft and comfortable. I have found that Jersey shirts allow enough room for my “chest” while also allowing me to have a waist. It just hits all the right places beautifully. Check out this cute jersey shirt here from BCBGgirls. You can purchase this shirt online at for only $34.99!

3. Ruched shirts. Ruched shirts are another type of shirt that is flattering to women with a “fuller” chest. I like ruched shirts because you can purchase a shirt that is large enough for your “chest” and side ruching (fabric gathered together) will accent and enhance your waist and allow you to have an hourglass shape. Check out this cute black ruched shirt. It is yours for only $17.00!

4. Belted shirts. My old time favortie trick to creating an award winning fitted shirt is simply fastening a belt around the shirt. You can also use a scarf. I just purchase a shirt that is large enough to cover my “chest” properly, which usually leaves an ample amount of fabric around my waist. I then tie a scarf or a fasten a belt around my waist to create a tailored look. Ladies it is simple and stylish! And it does not matter what size you are: small, medium, large, or extra-large, this look looks good on everybody! Love it!

5. T-shirts with lycra. Lastly, I have learned that t-shirts made with lyrcra fit great on any body type. So for someone who has a larger “chest”, the fabric will stretch to accomodate your chest while also clinging just enough to your waist to create a womanly silhouette. Target’s Mossimo line carries fabulous lyrcra t-shirts in sizes ranging from x-small to x-large in many cool colors; long-sleeved or short-sleeved; or crew-neck or v-neck. You can purchase these t-shirts for the low price of $7.99!


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