Introducing Chamele! New Style Editor!

Introducing Chamele! New Style Editor!

If you have noticed, the Style Chameleon is back and for the long haul. Luxe Diva and I are collaborating on some exciting endeavors for LuxeTips. I have accepted the position as the LuxeTips Style Editor and I am beyond excited to share my favorite local boutiques, online shops and styling tips with this wonderful group of fashionable divas. Luxe Diva asked that I share a bit about myself, but if you have followed me for the “Thirty to Thirty” series and if you have been reading regularly for the past couple of  weeks, you probably have deduced a good bit of information about me. I am a self-indulged Scorpio who loves to shop and style. As a visual learner, I find pleasure in the visual aesthetic of just about anything. I enjoy putting things together, be it styling clothes, decorating interiors or crafting. I especially enjoy pairing the old with the new to make fresh looks. My love for creation extends beyond fashion; I also enjoy cooking, reading, writing,  listening to music and solving puzzles. I am crafty by nature and if I am not shopping on weekends, you can find me baking cheesecakes or learning to sew.
Now, that was my verbal introduction, but I think I need a something that introduces me before I even have the opportunity to introduce myself.

The Style Chameleon needs a signature piece. I have scarves. I have big sunglasses, but I want a piece of jewelry that says, “ME!,as loud as Reese Witherspoon says it in Legally Blonde when she realizes that she has been picked for her summer clerkship. Of course, I found that piece that screams, “Me!” The Manya & Roumen Night Chameleon Ring  is a oxidized sterling silver chameleon. Could it be anymore poetic and cheesy? It is dark with thirty two champagne diamonds scattered across the ring. Yes, I said diamonds. Diamonds make it not so cheesy. The eyes of the chameleon are amethysts encircled by 18k gold eye bezels. It is a bit extravagant, but the chameleon has been my moniker for sixteen years now, so what’s 4300 bucks? You can find the Manya &Roumen Night Chameleon Ring at Max & Chloe.   

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  1. Dad wouldn’t mind spending that money just for Mom. She really loves jewelry and all types of bracelets. Her latest love is debossed silicone wristband in bright hues. Thanks for sharing a photo of Manya & Roumen Night Chameleon Ring. It’s so nice!

  2. @Walter Thanks for visiting our site and commenting. It is a beautiful ring!

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