Jeans: Several variations of a Classic

Jeans: Several variations of a Classic

Hello Divas!

I hope this week has been great! At a recent girlfriend gathering, we started discussing jeans and the different types and fits. One of my girlfriends wanted to know what was the difference between boot cut and straight leg jeans. Well we both thought that this would be a great post. Check out some popular jean styles below. What are your favorites?

1. Skinny Jeans. My all time favorite. Do you guys remember Jordache Jeans back in the 80s. The first skinny jeans. As a little girl, I coveted them then and I still think they are the best skinny jeans on the market. I wear mine all the time and get so many compliments. Plus they only retail for about $80.00. Considering the high price of jeans today, this is a bargain! Skinny Jeans fit snug to your body all the way down to your ankles. They look great with heels, flats, and of course you can easily tuck them into boots! Pair them with a fitted jacket, chunky sweater, or billowy top.

2. Straight Leg. Straight leg jeans have a straight narrow leg but do not flare at the ankle nor do they fit snug to the ankle. I call these the classic jean cut. I like to wear these jeans with high heeled sandals or pumps. I am not fond of them with flats..the jeans usually drag on the ground or with boots….it takes too much work to put them in the boot. Wear them with a jacket for a more casual look or with an embellished top for a night out on the town.

3. Boot cut. Boot cut jeans fit straight and narrow throughout the leg but they slightly flare at the bottom to make room for boots. When I was in college, I was a huge fan of boot cut jeans. We all used to wear those chunky ankle boots back then. Now I want to show my boots off because they are too fabulous! So I have given up on the boot cut. But they are still a classic. Pair these jeans with a cardigan or a fitted sweater.

4. Trousers. I love love these jeans. They actually look like trousers but are denim. I feel very comfortable wearing these to work. I pair them with a great pair of pumps and blazer and I am office ready.

5. Wide Leg. Of course I had to mention one of Fall’s hottest trends, the wide leg jeans. I love the look of this style! So funky! You can pair these jeans with platforms and a cropped jacket or sweater. Hot!



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  1. great post! i always wondered the difference about boot and straight cut too to find me some jordache jeans!

  2. To Makeupbyrenren:

    Girl go to Macy’s. They always have them and last year I got mine for 50% off, 40 bucks!

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